About me

Hello! My name is Anastasia Rybachuk. I am a comedy poet from Russia. So if you don't understand any of my jokes, this doesn't mean that they are not funny. It's because of my accent!

I've been writing poems since I was seven years old. I started learning English when I was seven too. However, my poems are still better than my English! ;-(

Anyway, my entire life is somehow connected with poetry and English. I studied English at university and dreamt of becoming a translator. However, I became a poet. My poetry (with its ever-present undertones of scandal :) has turned out to be interesting for the audience. I was even nominated for the National Literary Award (still think it’s a joke!:). I used to work as a writer and presenter of several comedy shows on the largest and most popular Russian entertaining broadcasting network but I didn't feel like I belonged there. There was something in my heart that was constantly saying to me that I must go down a different road.

One day I came across a video of Jimmy Carr on YouTube. It was like the Prophet came down to me from the clouds and uttered: 'My daughter in humour, I'm giving you my blessing to make jokes about hookers and blow jobs. Perform in peace and to your heart’s content'.

The next day, I was packing my suitcases. That's how my romance with British stage all began…